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MSSIAH C64 MIDI SID Software cartridge Appeared

Those who have been in lascivious expectation of the release date of this super hyped C64 music software, wait no more: Today, the MSSIAH software is available for purchase from the MSSIAH website in exchange for 49.95 hard earned Euros.

Pay attention, though:

Control your C64 through MIDI

Control your C64 through MIDI

Incoming orders that are preordered are prioritized. Cartridge availability for non-preorder customers is extremely limited!
Unfortunately we need to restrict orders to
1 Cartridge per customer! (even for preorders!)”

So if you didn’t pre-order, you best hurry before they are sold out.

This is a good choice for those who want to use a C64 in their MIDI rig, however, I hope they fixed the serious issues from P64, since besides a quite useless Wave Player module (plays 4-bit samples, why not 8-bit samples after code for such a thing is widely available?), this is pretty much Prophet64 with a MIDI IN plug bolted on.

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