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TCTD 2008 Awards

Best Hardware: Powerpak

tctd_best_hardwareAnother group of strong contenders, but what gave Powerpak the edge was it basically becoming the only game in town for easy playback of NSF files and demo roms on true hardware. A hard working community, lead by Loopy, added and continues to add features that make this a tremendous tool for all kinds of NES development.


4 comments to Best Hardware: Powerpak

  • Don


  • Beautiful icons for the awards!!

  • Thanks Akira! everyone of them is unique :)

  • B00daW

    To clear up a lot of misconceptions on this, loopy pretty much did the grunt work for all the really big and tiresome developments. loopy would be the brawns and bunnyboy would be the brains and brawns; but mainly in marketing. It’s much more a loose, community effort that worked out very well. There is more to the story that I’m telling, but that will have to wait to be told by the storyholders.