BleepBloop USB Flash Writer Appeared

3387452607_cce35c5912Long Awaited day for many!

USB backup solution for the Nintendo Gameboy. The device is compatible with Windows 98 through Windows Vista and any Linux distro. Backup original Gameboy game, EMS 32Mb Smart Cart  saves only) or flash any Bleepbloop Cartridge.

Save $1o when you buy a programmer and cart bundle. Comes with blue power LEDs and orange status LEDs with a white PCB in a clear, precision machined case. Fully tested and ships same day.

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5 comments to BleepBloop USB Flash Writer Appeared

  • So if using 32mb EMS carts with this, you can only backup/load saves, and not ROMs? Will it work with my 64mb Bung cart?

    I’m still holding out for the SD cart, and for the parallel/USB adapter! :)

  • Hey Awol –

    Pick up a copy of the magazine Circuit Cellar – there are tons of ads for serial/usb/rj45 conversion solutions. I bet you can find what you need (probably will require some engineering).

    If you are already hooked on that mag good job!

    –Nah Tass
    Rouge Engineer

  • People have tried existing parallel/USB adapters in the past and they don’t work with the old Game Boy transfer devices. Jose/BleepBloop is developing one that does work. I don’t have the electronics skills to do it myself.

  • I want to fully read/write my EMERGER cart. Is it possible with this unit yet?

  • copied from:

    BleepBloop wrote:

    “USB Cartridge Programmer can read and write sram on 32Mb SmartCards (EMS) and GB Camera. It cannot write to the flash on the SmartCards.”


    “Do you think we can make this nanoloop compatible? I guess especially 1.3 users would appreciate that (1.5 will have its own backup system but support by the USB programmer would still be nice of course).

    If it works with nanoloop I’ll gladly stock it in the nanoloop shop.”

    Did this go any further than this?