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SunVox updated to v1.4.5


The little modular synthesizer/tracker sequencer for various handhelds has a nice update.

Warmplace provides the details:

No iPhone version yet. But it will be available in the next few days (after Apple approval).

New in this version:
* new module: Vibrato;
* added sinusoidal waveform to the “generator”;
* added new effects 11 and 12 – fineslide up/down;
* added new effect 20 – set the probability (0…8000) of a note being triggered; this effect is for unpredictable rhythms;
* added new effect 21 – same as 20 but with random velocity;
* added new example track: endless_song (based on new effect 20);
* new functions in the “sampler”: resample; volume fade; waveform drawing (paint mode);
* improved “transpose” function in the pattern editor;
* pattern follow mode (only for single pattern playing);
* sound engine optimization.

Download it at: :: ::

2 comments to SunVox updated to v1.4.5

  • boomlinde

    Now this is a developer who listens to his customers! Many of the features are direct implementations of user suggestions.

  • Neil Baldwin

    I utterly love this instrument. New version is a massive improvement and it was already awesome so that’s saying a lot.

    Fingers crossed for MIDI input and the ability to feed the LFO into other controllers (apart from amplitude and pan) next!