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STFUAJPGM Episode 4: Chiptune Live

The ‘zine-erriffic STFUAJPGM has dropped a new episode focusing on the live chip music experience.  It features some nice live jams, Act 6 of its serial, a few faux Game Boy Camera pics and a couple of cool interviews.  Check it out!

Chipmusic • OtherPodcasts


The worlds premier chip podcast/art/thingy is out with text, art, and music by EvilWezil, Zen Albatross, Phlogiston, Malmen, and Cheap Dinosaurs:

This week’s theme: Travel Tunes

Act 1:

John woke up that morning feeling what he considered to be fine. His week was long, so it seemed essential to savor every second of his passing weekend. He began his morning routine by sitting down at his computer. No new e-mails. No new Friend Requests. No responses to any of his posts. It was hours later when he finally realized that he had spent his entire day pacing back and forth within the confines of his 200 square foot apartment.