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1-bit Music on the Atari XL/XE

And let beep sort it out.

And let beep sort it out.

In a followup to our previous post, got the following tip from b00Daw:

Pwners of the “A8b” — Atari 8-bit — scene, XXL and other Poles, have made demonstation of the GTIA’s abilities to play music from its normal ‘clicky’ nature.  By porting over some Z80 ZX Spectrum routines, the team was able to create a music disk cheekily named “Beep’em All” for the A8b which utilizes the POKEY and GTIA sound chips while still managing display through the ANTIC chip.  GTIA “clicker” sounds almost exactly like Speccy’s beeper with this late innovation.


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1-bit Music Roundup on Chipflip

GOTO Dreamy

GOTO Dreamy

GOTO80‘s chip theory blog is always entertaining, and he has written a rad overview on making 1-bit music on z-80 based systems. An excerpt:

Ok, the new thing is 1-bit music made with Z80! Just like with the AppleII-post before, this is me being an astonished newbie. It sounds so nice and data, I can’t believe it’s not a sound chip!

So yesterday I found this and this, filled with mp3s of Z80-music made with the ZX Spectrum (or clones). This is how it works, according to Yerzmey: “Z80 chip produces all sounds and sends them into BEEPER and AUDIO-OUT connector of ZX SPECTRUM (jack) through ULA chip”. Normally you can play 1 channel square waves, but with the 3.5 MHz of this Z80 you can play samples and get up to 8 channels of sounds! So this is another example of chip music that does not only play sounds immanent inside sound chips, but uses the CPU to create a sort of softsynth.”

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