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Dual Drums of Death with Starscream

The 2nd best part Pulsewave is that it lead to a new Chibi-tech tracked getting uploaded.

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8BITTODAY interviews pixel art group SUPERBROTHERS

8BITTODAY inteviews the slightly enigmatic pixel pushing crew SUPERBROTHERS. A taste:

“[8bit today] You deal with highly modern subjects, using visual references to an old computer graphics. Is it a kind of revolt, against soulless progress, or what other ideas you embody with such aesthetics?

[SUPERBROTHERS] SUPERBROTHERS is intended as playable editorial illustration.

SUPERBROTHERS creates films and artwork depicting videogames that should have or may have existed (in the Soviet Union perhaps).

SUPERBROTHERS occasionally creates systems of meanings that intend to connect with the worlds of finance, information technology and culture.”

And perhaps a comment on the Crystal Castles debacle?

” [8bit today] Why do you spread some of your works only in printed form and not publish it in the web?

SUPERBROTHERS supports antiquated technology such as print as a matter of course.

SUPERBROTHERS would prefer not to be vilified as a pirate and provocateur.”