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Beepola 1.03.00 released

A new version is now available:

The main new things in v1.03 are:-
* Full support for Shiru’s awesome Phaser1 beeper engine (with either digital sampled drums, or synthesised drums), full 5 octave range with no detuning issues, up to 100 configurable instruments, etc.

* Song data and player routines are now fully split from one another to allow a single copy of the player routine to easily support multiple songs (see the online help via the Help menu) in games.

* Tied-in with the above, there are various “Save Song Data only…” options available in Compile Song dialog.

* New Phaser1 demo song, and an excellent SpecialFX demo song by 4mat (insane use of sustain messages to control the sound volume – have a listen).

* Cleaned up the user interface and added a toolbar.

* Bugs fixed, some minor feature requests added, blah blah.

As always – please let me know if it’s broken in any way. smile

Copied from a 8bc forum post by ccowley

This post was submitted by Jake Davis.