USB BleepBloop Carts now shipping

bleelI have played with the software and the regular Jose carts for a while, and this is nice and handy if you only plan to use one cart.


Price: $75 + 4% Paypal Fee
Free Shipping International
Free First-Class Mail Domestic
$2 USB Mini-B Cable

The main feature of this cartridge is a built-in USB programmer. With this extra circuitry an external “transferer” is not required. Using custom software reading and writing new ROMs and SAVs could never have been easier. With Windows and Linux compatibility and OSX software soon to be released, this is the most versitile back up solution for Game Boy musicians and developers to have ever been produced.

To purchase, please visit the link below.
or from Kitsch-Bent … 4532597220

OSX support is planned within the next few weeks. You may use Parallels in the meantime. Ships with Linux and Windows versions.

This cartridge uses custom software. It is not drag and drop.

20 are available from Kitsch-Bent. 70 are available from (Bleepbloop). More will be available mid-February.

I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to anyones emails. I have been sick the past few days. I will try my best to respond to everyone tomorrow.

All pre-orders will ship Tuesday.

USB Cartridge Programmers or “Transferers” will be available Mid-February.

Free First-Class International Shipping!

Will work with Mega Memory Cartridge.