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This week at the Collective III

For the week of 11/03-11/10

Another week goes by, and in the Post Halloween swoon things turn a tad lazy. It feels that everything is building towards the orgasmic explosion that is the the coming Blip Festival, and everyone is quiet and working silently. But not to worry, our crack(ed) staff still found time to troll the pits of the 8BITCollective to shine some light on a few of the gems posted in the last week.
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This week at the Collective I

For the Week of 10/20-10/27

Lets try out a new feature picking five tracks that grabbed our attention over here at TCTD from the 8BITCollective. Here they are in no praticular order.

“Space Race (adlib)” by oxygenstar

Another great track from the recent spike in fm based tracks on the collective, the track is a mindblowing melange of sound design, driving rhythmic elements and great melodic elements.  Cheers to the fm revival!.

“Gajanana” by Bud Melvin

Bud takes a terrible 8BC trend, the posting of ill advised and poorly made “my first tracks” and knocks it out of the park here with his janky but pretty tune evoking a quiet day in a Lewis Carroll garden.

“From the Ghetto with Love” by Crazy Q

Another ringer, this old but new to 8BC track is classic Crazy Q. Fat bass lines, and dancing arps mangy stay firmly on the awesome side of the fruity euro chipstyle.

“Lock” by Dise-a.g.m

Dise-a.g.m. has been making songs I like for a while, so its good to seem him get props for this solid track. Stick around for the back half for an accomplished take on the endless chip solo style.

“Ottomania” by Broomlinde

Boomlinde brings this infectiously fun track with its gypsy tech beats and claps. Perhaps the biggest knock you can justify on 8bc is a lack of diversity so special note must be made of those who both create great tracks which are ass kicking AND unique sounding.

So that was easy huh? With over 160 tracks release in a week it was pretty tough getting down to just five, so please post any ones I might’ve missed in the comments. See you next week!