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Debug Live – Amiga 500 Project (aka cTrix)

0sideThe Commodore Amiga project is something that I’ve always worked on. It started in 1991ish when I first saw an Amiga at a friends house and was blown away hearing more than a few seconds of digital audio playing from a computer. This was a revolution in it’s day and the Amiga was the first home computer that had stereo audio outputs included as a standard feature! I became obsessed (like many) with a form of composition called “tracking”. Tracking takes tiny snippets of audio (called samples) and plays them back at varying speeds to make a tune. Tracking on the Amiga was limited to 4 samples playing simultaneously. However a sample could be a beat, vocal or sound effect… not just a single note (or “instrument” if you like) so it opened up a world of digital composition only previously available to cashed up studios.

via Debug Live – Amiga 500 Project (aka cTrix).