Why aren’t there more things like these?

discoVia Syphus:

EDIT from comments: I’m making it in Processing, and will eventually be a Windows/Linux/Mac executable AND a web-based Java applet.

I might tidy it up and cobble together a Processing library so that other people can use the IBXM replayer system (by Martin Cameron) in their Processing sketches.

This will be my principle means of releasing mod/xm musicdisks in the future, with the possibility of releasing web-based versions of old Amiga/etc musicdisks. For the native executables, I may see about building in a ‘render to mp3? function, so I can distribute small disks from which people can build large mp3-player-friendly albums.

I’ve been asking for similar DJ type players for other chips for years.. especially for my Hardsid!