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der Warst at CURTAS Vila do Conde 07/2009

Quite a while ago I posted about an audiovisual circuit bending workshop I was going to teach at the Curtas Vila do Conde film festival in Portugal. Well, that one came and passed and was a blast. I’ll up some more stuff of that soon, but for the time being, here’s the festival’s link again (with updated pictures).

Apart from that, Of course I also had a performance with my own set and luckily, there was that guy who recorded it. It was only wit a photo camera, but since I usually forget to do so I’m more than happy with that. So, Enjoy:

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A/V circuitbending Workshop 7-10 July in Portugal

I’m proudly announcing a Workshop on audiovisual circuit bending at the Filmfestival Curtas in Vila do conde/Portugal on 7-10 July.

It will be hosted by Simon Schäfer who might be known as “der Warst” to some of you and who, in fact is the very person writing this right now.

So If anyone of you happen to be in Portugal at that time or even lives there or know someone who does, please feel free to spread the word or join in for some Sound and Image mangling madness.

The workshop will have its conclusion in a hopefully big AV performance at the Festival and I expect it to be quite some fun.

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