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Acid64 Player Pro for Hardsid devices appeared

acid64_v300_vista_browse_thumbThere is an all new release of this great standalone player for Hardsid devices.

Changes in this release:


  • – Fast incremental SID file search on title, author, year and publisher fields
  • – Seek through SID tunes via slider bar
  • – Digital clock
  • – Scroll wheel support when hovering over grids and list boxes
  • – Anonymous usage statistics


  • – Tree view of folders
  • – SidID search in properties menu is done in background now to access dialog faster
  • – Emulation improvements
  • – Keyboard navigation improvements
  • – Many small improvements/fixes

Check out:


CCS64 Now Supports the Hardsid4u

Floppies? No stinkin' floppies.

According to the Hardsid Yahoogroup, the C64 Emulator CCS64 now supports the Hardsid4u.

” I”ve not been reading the list for a while, just noticed my email
address is bouncing. I don’t think this was mentioned yet though:

I just noticed the new CCS64 emulator has support for hardsid4u! The
v3.6 version has been out since August.