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Nonfinite – Southbridge released

Nonfinite’s new album Southbridge is now for sale on II. Nonfinite - Southbridge

Nonfinite’s sophomore release combines triumphant melodies with thought provoking harmony and infectious head-nodding beats. Nine genre-spanning tracks will keep you moving to the very last note! This album marks the inauguration of Chip-In, a program focusing on providing financial aid to hardware and software developers as well as event promoters within the chiptune community. 25% of all proceeds from this album will be going towards helping the people who make this community truly wonderful and unique!

01 Assuagement
02 Matador Pt. 2
03 Dreamer’s Day
04 FNH
05 Give Up
06 Intermission
07 Look What You’ve Done
08 Alien Concepts
09 Despondent Hearts

Cover Artwork by Rich Vreeland.
Additional CD Artwork by Anthony Schmitt.

Stream it for free on Nonfinite’s Bandcamp page.


Editors Note: I was given this for review the other day, but they uploaded and it got picked up by Random before i had a chance to publish. Here is my short review.
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