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Interview with PSPSEQ Dev Ethan Bordeaux pt2

In part 2 of yesterday’s interview, We discussed the PSPSEQ developer, Ethan Bordeaux, background. Today we get more into the meat of the program, how its varied methods of synthesis works, and where the project is heading.

LB: Moving on a little then, were there any specific interesting parts of the port to a hand-held device?

ECB: Not really. The development environment on the PSP is pretty good so I can have a version that runs on my PC and one that runs on my PSP that share 95%+ of the same code. Made debugging a whole lot easier. The one thing I had to figure out early on was whether or not the C compiler would be good enough to allow for the level of polyphony required to make music. I wish the PSP had enough power that it could run any 16 generator and effect tracks and not have to worry about overloading the system, but I think the level of polyphony and complexity of music you can make on the PSP is pretty impressive. Generally speaking you can get between 12-16 tracks going at the same time, which is definitely good enough to make some cool tunes.

LB: I agree, I was really surprised at how complex PSPseq is, could you give us a quick run-down of the available synths?
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