Thy Name is Adventure – Oxygenstar

thynamepack1Surely to be one of the best cassette releases of the year. O2star writes:

OxygenStar – Thy Name is Adventure

1.    Welcome
2.    Melinda the Mermaid
3.    I see a Voice
4.    Apple pickin’
5.    The Most Climatic Cat and Mouse Rendezvous in the History of all Mankind
6.    Less talk, more travel
7.    March of the Marsupials
8.    My Favorite Forest
9.    Look how I go
10.  Disaster Avenue
11.  Hello There
12.  Save Me (featuring Gemmina Magnano)
13.  Let’s Stick Together

Here is the Album sampler:
check it!!! … E+SAMPLER/

As of right now, It shall just be a cassette release. I may setup a download link eventually…

$10 SHIPPED to the US

$13 SHIPPED outside the US
or $8 dollars if you plan to buy it at Pulsewave tomorrow!!!


Please put: “Payment for TNIA album” in subject line
and you can email me seperately to confirm that I got the payment, sometimes Paypal can be wierd about that stuff.

Buy one for your sister!! smile

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