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Chip In: Japan!


We have raised over 7000$ for the International Red Cross! This comp is no longer available, but check out the artists below for more great tracks and thank you for your generous donations.

A Unprecedented Tragedy

Amid all the chaos I thought the only thing I could  do to help was to put together a compilation of chip music help raise donations and awareness for the people of Japan in their difficult time. If it wasn’t for the hard working people of Japan there would be none of this great chip tune music in the first place.

I have also asked @TCTD (on Twitter) to help organize it, we want any and all chip tuners involved the more the better. If you can please help spread the word.  You can follow me @pixelh8 and @TCTD on twitter for updates.

The compilation should be available shortly in exchange we simply ask you to donate or do something positive for Japan. We will not be collecting any money ourselves, we just ask you are honest and genuinely do something to help.


Donate Today!

The final round of tracks have been released! Donate to receive over 100 hundred tunes from artists:

Pixelh8 | Jellyfish Lunchbox | Facundo | Bit_Rat | bit mummy | Abortifacient | little-scale and Poppi Doser | b4kn | bit face | Bear & Walrus | Seventh Gear | Fury in the Fire | receptors | crashfaster | ondoh | _node | Glomag | Andrew Kilpatrick | Neurofllip | aircrash alive | 8 Bit Weapon | PANDAstar | poisoncut | Diamonds & Dynamite | Comptroller | Palace Cat | Lucy Lefty | Space Town Savior | Starbuck | Nathan Meunier | Da Pantz | Jonny Nero Action Hero | Josh Whelchel | 8bit bandit and Zane | Droid-On and Mika Y | MOUTHLESS | dixan/mfx^sk^sfc | ne7 | Katon (feat. Cafechan) | Br1ght Pr1mate | Saskrotch | Joseph K | Numbers in Love | jefftheworld | Samwave | My Brother Daniel | BFunk20xx | TEMPHUiBIS | Danimal Cannon | Glowing Stars | DJ Blackmarker | gwEm and Counter Reset | Neurobit | Ovenrake | lazerbeat | scrumtoe | easyname | Zebra | Holy Konni | Jonas The Plugexpert | Euan Lynn | Obsolète Broadcast Système | Bud Melvin | Byzanite | Je deviens dj en 3 jours | E U C A R Y O T E | The Attic Bits | Khades | The MM Project | DYLANBROCHILL | Feryl | MattyBoJangles | Louis G. | Hyperwave | NEIGE | leeni | ComputeHer | Prizmatic Spray | Steve | Forbidden Colour | Neil Voss | Rainbow Jump Orchestra! | Kris Keyser and AdamGetsAwesome | Of Japan | Exilefaker | Psifork | Chetreo | Wizwars | Matecha | 8GB | Peter Swimm | Nick Maynard | taiiga | Sabrepulse | Jellica | Untested Methods | µB | Creutzfeldt Jacky | Stu | Supercommuter | Supersole | tempsoundsolutions | Shrimps | Pulselooper | Falling For A Square | Subway Sonicbeat | Mystic Hero | Beverage | Zonic | Cityscape, Go! | Battle Lava | Inverse Phase | Adelina Turcu – Sorin Tudor (piano) | The Munitionettes | Active Knowledge | Nekoya | Mark Denardo f/ Bit Shifter | Kommisar

Questions about your donation Email us!

All donors will have access to the download page through out the fund raising, and updates will be posted as new content is added!


1. Who is receiving the money?

We are raising money for the Red Cross using the First Giving Service. We selected them because we wanted the money to go directly to the aid body, and no paypal or other middleman hassles.

2.  How do I get the compilation? Who is on it?

We are working hard on getting some great tracks for the compilation. When you donate you will receive a link and password to a private donors page.