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syphus – pro.tect

pro.tect is a lovingly prepared collection of Syphus’ work from 2007 to 2011 – almost entirely unheard, outside of his live shows. Though the tracks have been mastered for more ear-friendly and mp3-friendly listening, they were all made using AHX (Amiga), HivelyTracker (Amiga), Protracker (Amiga) and FastTracker2/MilkyTracker (PC).

Listen for free here on Bandcamp; if you decide to buy and download the album, as well as high quality mp3/FLAC/etc files and the full-size cover artwork, you also get 3 bonus tracks!

For more details, and for free mp3s and modules, visit

For the morbidly curious, here’s a breakdown of file formats, the number of audio channels used and the original module filesize:
01: AHX/4ch/8kb, 02: AHX/4ch/16kb , 03: FT2/14/81kb, 04: FT2/6ch/25kb, 05: FT2/4ch/44kb, 06:FT2/16/75kb, 07: PT/4ch/12kb, 08: AHX/4ch/20kb, 09: HVL/12ch/13kb, 10: FT2/4ch/36kb, 11: FT2/24ch/255kb, 12: FT2/8ch/35kb, 13: FT2/12ch/94kb, 14: HVL/4ch/6kb


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  • First heard about this back in August. Nine months later, we have the final release. :) Solid album, and sort of a pleasant love-letter to tracker fans.