• mrkenallen: Correction: 2600 files.
  • mrkenallen: As a Mac user, I struggled with this collection all weekend
  • Clawfinger: Any new fresh mirror links?
  • Sef: I purchased a genMDM from little-scale on 12/1/2012. I STIL
  • Chris: Oh yeah, a layout optimization for smaller devices would be
  • Jeremy Wilson: I have an akai music sampler with floppy drive only. Will t
  • Irek: Hi, Does anybody of you know if it really works on a Game

Retro City Rampage Soundtrack

23 high-quality NES-style chiptunes on a 33 1/3 180 gram audiophile 12″ vinyl. Includes digital download as part of purchase.
PRE-ORDER NOW and grab one of the 100 blue or green coloured vinyls. Also includes a poster of the cover album art by Maxime Trépanier!

Retro City Rampage Soundtrack | Retro City Rampage.

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