• mrkenallen: Correction: 2600 files.
  • mrkenallen: As a Mac user, I struggled with this collection all weekend
  • Clawfinger: Any new fresh mirror links?
  • Sef: I purchased a genMDM from little-scale on 12/1/2012. I STIL
  • Chris: Oh yeah, a layout optimization for smaller devices would be
  • Jeremy Wilson: I have an akai music sampler with floppy drive only. Will t
  • Irek: Hi, Does anybody of you know if it really works on a Game

MXDRV Master Library

After 10 years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears I proudly present the MXDRV Master Library. Over 31600 songs, folders translated, truncated and put on a scsi disk image by eidis. Known working in xm6 emulator and quite possibly working just fine on real hardware.




porno-UZI – Atari XL music DJ set by

Live record of my DJ gig on the Birthday (russian 8-bit streaming radio)
Cue sheet :

01. Bartman – Barymag #1 – Intro
02. BLB – Butter Reality
03. SoTe – Techno Florid
04. Kjmann – OutRun – Magical Sound Shower – Stereo
05. Greg – Soul Breakin’
06. SoTe – Bitter Reality – Partyland 1
07. BeWu – Dropsy King
08. stRing – Pokeymon
09. Raster – Paul the Penguin
10. Pinokio – Samantha

Release date: Jan 15, 2012

porno-UZI – Atari XL music DJ set by porno-UZI aka SkweeeRRL


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Hizimi Live on 2 x X68000

Friend of TCTD and unsung hero of the Japanese FM synthesis X68000 wizard scene Hizimi recently played a set on 2 Sharp X68000 a modern DJ mixer. The audio is available below here

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

01 – Cauldron
02 – No Title
03 – No Title
04 – Pendulum I
05 – Pendulum II
06 – No Title
07 – Drum’n’Hip’n’Bass
08 – UNF
09 – You Goddamned Bathead !!! [ 90’s Rave Mix ]
10 – Kawasakitech (?)
11 – Mechbass

The site has a selection of videos for your viewing pleasure.


Henry Homesweet – Out-House #12

YouTube Preview Image

Fresh new mix from the out-house, featuring some new and reworked micromusic including a remix of Sabrepulse’s – “Gare De Europa” from Turbo City as well as a reworked bassline that Je deviens dj en 3 jours left on my cartridge :) I hope you enjoy – peace – Henry

Via YouTube.