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Chibi-Tech Interviewed on Denpa No Sekai

All around chip god and sex idol Chibi-Tech is profile on the Denpa No Sekai Blog. The interview is massively in-depth and well worth the read.


Chiptune is slowly but surely getting recognized as a musical genre, though it remains solidly anchored in the gaming world that created it. I think the problem at this point is that it features no lyrical content or message. A Tokyo group called “DENPA PARTY” are throwing events and composing music under the “NO WAR” banner, clearly a political message (simple though it may be). If you started adding lyrics to your songs, what would they be like?

The man, The Pixels

The man, The Pixels

Haha with all aside from synthesized vocal techniques, I honestly never thought of it this way. However, maybe that kind of deliverance can get certain problems with chiptune’s public perception off my chest!

My problem is that the general public either thinks of chiptunes in two ways. One: Their first impressions are that chiptunes are not legitimate music in their own right simply due to their age — and often get dismissed as “crappy General MIDI sounds” not worthy of serious evaluation. Two: People exploit 8bit as some sort of retro-waxing of “a simpler time” without much real thought put into it. Emo-wanker groups are probably most well known for this. It honestly gets tiring to see a young kid yell out “Whoa that totally sounds like MEGAMAN MUSIC” without putting much thought to why I make this kind of music. It’s all a combination of misinformation and groups of people trying to stake their claim on its nostalgic factor.”

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