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A26F 2600 Midi Cart Appeared

The prolific madman from down under, little-scale has posted his video of his 2600 midi interface.

He writes:

I love the sounds of the Atari 2600. I made a MIDI interface that gives you full control over the sound output of an Atari 2600.

Watch a demo video here.

I really want to thank Paul Slocum and all of the fantastic work that he has done for the inspiration.

I have created an announcements group for this project here.

3 comments to A26F 2600 Midi Cart Appeared

  • excellent! i’m always impressed by hardware hacking like this.

  • Little scale produces pure awesome, as usual. This man appears to be on a mission to midifi every console that existed.

    Its like some game god gave him a quest.

  • 10k

    You guys think it is awesome! I am the lucky bugger that gets to see him play live with it all a few times a year! He (and Lauren, the other half of Hidden Village) blow my freaking mind.