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This week at the Collective III

For the week of 11/03-11/10

Another week goes by, and in the Post Halloween swoon things turn a tad lazy. It feels that everything is building towards the orgasmic explosion that is the the coming Blip Festival, and everyone is quiet and working silently. But not to worry, our crack(ed) staff still found time to troll the pits of the 8BITCollective to shine some light on a few of the gems posted in the last week.

TristEndoSurf nazi concentraition camp (48 hour)

While I appreciate most of the 48 hour compo tracks, they often fall prey to being too gimmicky. However, this track is ALL gimmick, with a bass line ripped off from wipeout and hilarious 16kb of DPCM samples done on Famitracker. Very simple, yet very fun.

RandomRandom and boomlinde – Interstellar Machines

Both Random and Linde have been covered here before, but this track is great, winking at the listener with cheese and incredible command of the tracks and samples.

EvilWezilCode Purple

His last release was all kinds of great, but what really sold me on this track was its description:

“Code Purple” is when the video card on your motherboard stops working, and the dingleberries at CompUSA replace your entire motherboard without reformatting your system. Then, a couple months pass uneventfully before one day, your computer wakes up, looks in the mirror and, realizing it has a different brain, screams, and proceeds rocks back and forth in a fetal position in the corner, muttering incoherent binary.

motif_r defdrones are cool #2

Drones are indeed cool, and its nice to see more artists appreciate the simpler approach of the chip sound, versus the everything and the kitchen sink maximalism of some of the over the top chip artists.

henryhomesweetGarble House

A word to the wise. POCKET MUSIC is an incredibly janky piece of software. HH, however, has made a massively mental track on it, so can it really be all that bad?*


Some Honorable Mentions:

TuggleafCarol of the 3-Channel Sequencer

CHILDRENOFDOSPaza Rahm – hupparic

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