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TCTD 2008 Awards

Best Performer: Starpause

tctd_best_performerIn a category loaded with winners, it took a stunning depth of complexity and raw punk rock infused live performer like starpause to rise above the pack. Sneaky beats and inventive live techniques all lead to the decision to acknowledge one of the scenes most riveting live performer.


6 comments to Best Performer: Starpause

  • ignat

    Ohh! YES!! That guy really rocks!!! Also he is a sorce of knowledges :) Almost my HERO !! So deserved award!

  • Bud

    awesome – now we just need a 1 year world tour from this guy.

  • BuZ

    we love you K9D!!!

    now get your ass down here and do a show.

  • Well-deserved. Whenever I see him, I say, “best dancer of Blip Festival 2006.”

  • hoe crap, TCTD has my heart melting/exploding … even if this award is only a thinly veiled plot to get the shirt off my back.

    BIG respect to all the other nominated performers who make me feel guilty for collecting this GIF! *group*back*rub* ♥

    special shouts to meneo, role model, minusbaby, & stu who brought an incredible amount of playful mischief to the stage in ’08 … keep the k9ds on their toes, bwahahaAHAHA!

    peASe owl’t ;)
    pAUS aKID