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Introducing the Flickr Pool

flickr_logo_gammav5989914Out of a Lack of a better resource to link to, TCTD has created an official FLICKR POOL.You can view some images over on the right sidebar now.

The goals of this are pretty simple. The pool intends to highlight:

1. Documents of Performances like chip shows, gallery openings and other assorted confrontational mayhem.

2. Artistic creations, such as pixel art, album covers, gallery works, etc.

3. Cool Hardware mods that are unique and special, think arduino, c64 mods, atari chips in casio keyboards etc.

What is it not for?

1. Lame pshop jokes

2. Your hair

3. Your crayola’d gameboy mod

4.  Your wack mspaint ep cover.

Anyone may join, so sign up today and lets make it interesting!

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