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Payola in action!

Anamanaguchi on Pitchfork.

while you are feeling good about that preview, check out this savage sBach review earlier today.

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  • “the “chiptune” scene probably best known around here for outliers/standouts like Crystal Castles”



  • Although it makes me rage when sites like Pitchfork say things like that about the chiptune scene, you kind of need to remember that they are just a bunch of dicks who like Animal Collective waaaaaay too much.

    I would kill Pitchfork for you if it didn’t mean that 72% of the people I associate with lose their number one point of reference when talking about any band.

    Actually, I will kill Pitchfork for you.

  • i think they meant out and out liars.

  • I quit reading after i saw the word Hella :/. My best bet is to not read media like that and save my brain from being bombarded by such pretentious hipster fagotry.

  • ugh
    that sBACH album is so good, and even better live.

    pitchfork should die with fire