NO CARRIER Call for NSF composers.

august_pwNO CARRIER is looking for fresh NSF’s for his series of Pulsewave NES
ROM fliers. These ROM’s are used to promote Pulsewave, a monthly chip
party in NYC. He has been creating original ROM’s each month for over
two years. They were even recently featured as part of Uninteded Uses,
an art show at the Nexus Gallery in Philadelphia. Join Nullsleep, Baron
Knoxburry, Animal Style, Peter Swimm, Alex Mauer, and 8GB and become
(more) famous on the interwebs by submitting your tunes for his ROM’s.

If you haven’t seen them yet, go here to download the previous fliers:

There is a thread with more information found on 8bitcollective:

And don’t miss the exciting third anniversary of Pulsewave!

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