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Pixelh8 is well connected

colossus01_540x362He gets profiled in New Scientist:

How did you get into this music?

When I realised that you could emulate old machines on a PC and learn what was going on inside them, I went back to the older sounds. I’ve designed instruments for pop stars. I reprogrammed Game Boys for UK artist Damon Albarn, for example, turning them into real musical instruments.

And a photo spread on cnet.

While I maintain that he tends to over-arcane the creation of and over-emphasize in importance in “the chiptune scene”, the concert sounds really cool, and I look forward to what music is released from it.

11 comments to Pixelh8 is well connected

  • The comments on that article made me chuckle.

    Nice Ringtones!!!!!!!!!!

  • Without wanting to sound bitter, he might be a good programmer, and I have respect for that, but his own compostional skills are pretty lacking…like a sub-Sabrepulse stream of anti-subtlety. Why, oh why, did they not get Jammer or Stu or Jeroen Tel or YMCK or Rushjet1 or anyone else to participate in that ancient computer project?

    I mean how fucking dope would Gorillaz have sounded if Jellica was supplying the backing? Enough said.

  • his firmware sucks balls

  • also he gives the WORST interviews of anyone in chip. He never mentions anyone but himself and couple mediocre artists that used his lame program. I bought that shit when it cane out and was amazed at it’s non-usefulness. He’s never mentioned Wittchow or Kotlinski. MUDDY GB BLOWS the pixlh8 firmware away and it’s free. pixlh8 awful awful in every way

  • This just goes to prove that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you blow. As Stevens stated, PixleH8 is a a mediocre composer at best. But his “breakthroughs” in chiptune technologies put his sorry ass on the radar and now he’s getting all the corprate shit nuggets for it.

  • I just noticed he said he doesn’t listen to any chiptune music. You can fucking tell. Hopefully the example tune they gave will scare people off, it sounds like a ‘my first Fruity Loops’ thing.

  • gwEm

    not sure what to make of this… obviously it a good thing for the scene though, and a great opportunity for him. one might have thought rolemodel or tao would have more to say on the science angle.

  • Why does Pixelh8 hate pixels?