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Retro Thing: Atari Flashback Portable

While at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, Retro Thing shot exclusive video of the prototype Atari Flashback Portable. This pocket-sized game has a built in screen, and plays your favorite Atari 2600 ROMs downloaded into its internal memory. Marty Goldberg tells us about plans to bring the Portable to market in the near future

via Retro Thing: Exclusive Video: Atari Flashback Portable.

Coupled with the usb port, this might be just the thing to get people working on more serious 2600 composition. At $75 AND dual keypad support, I’d be all over this :D

4 comments to Retro Thing: Atari Flashback Portable

  • That’s pretty damn cool, but the legal problems it includes makes it hard to believe it will be sponsored by a company. I mean, said company would have to acquire the distribution rights for EVERY Atari 2600 game ever released, since one doesn’t know what a person will load onto the system.

    Looking forward to see what happens.

  • itll ship with homebrew and knockoffs ala famiclones i supppose

  • Whoa, i would buy that for sure. Hope it works out, cause it’s so cool.

  • B00daW

    Yeah. I need this thing.