Pulsar Mini Chip v0.8 appeared

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via Starfire’s blog.

So I was working on a xoxbox kit (Still haven’t finished it actually) very cool all analog, based of the TB-303 and I started thinking that this mass of hundreds of components would have the be able to be replaced by modern tech.  So after some research, learning and remembering what I was taught in college (was a computer science major for about 3 years) I have come to learn and understand somewhat how small simple microprocessors can do a lot more then I had ever thought.

Welcome the Atmel line of 8-Bit RISC microprocessors, always loving the old 8-bit game systems (I still own my Atari!) and also having a place in my heart for chiptune music I decided to work on a chip based version of the good old TB-303.

Its buzy, its lo-fi, and it’s definitely embryonic, but let’s keep an eye on things and see how they develop.

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