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The Making of OutRun at NowGamer

390_7837_review_screen_03Another interesting behind the scenes, with loads  of details on the creative aspects of creating one of the all time classic racing games. And time is paid to the awesome soundtrack in this excerpt:

Although the other programmers and graphics designers working on OutRun appear, according to Suzuki, to have had scant influence on shaping the game, one man – Hiroshi Kawaguchi the artist formerly known as Hiroshi Miyauchi – had a tremendous effect on what has become one of the most highly regarded aspects of OutRun’s production: its music. Kawaguchi joined Sega as a programmer in 1984, coding alongside Yuji Naka on the SG-1000 game Girl’s Garden while writing music purely as a hobby outside of work. Suzuki heard some of Kawaguchi’s tunes and was so impressed that he commissioned him to produce the soundtrack for Hang-On, after which Kawaguchi quit his role as a programmer and became a full-time in-house composer at Sega.

via The Making of OutRun | NowGamer.

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