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Phlogiston – Nectar “Double EP” out

31New EP out, but only in FLAC format on Pause.

Nectar is essentially two EPs in one. Croqel Adventure is the semi-sequel to Croqel – continuing the tradition of short, fun and pure NES tunes. Heat takes you back to an 80s vision of the future; you’re given a tour through a vast dystopian city where high tech low life roam the streets, and the differences between man and machine have been washed out.

via Pause

2 comments to Phlogiston – Nectar “Double EP” out

  • FLAC and ALAC ;)

  • Hexagram

    I’m in favor of albums released as sound files instead of NSFs :)

    [Seriously, how can people still have software that doesn’t handle FLAC/OGG? They’re free media formats for pity’s sake.]