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Coincidence, Homage or Theft? on CHIPFLIP

Interesting discussion on the line between theft and sampling. Has the chip scene grown too defensive about this kind of thing? Chipflip seems to take a more reasonable approach.

Anggune – Seize The Moment (2009). Uses the same key and mostly the same notes as in Rob Hubbards track for International Karate. Watch youtube clips here and here. What makes it troublesome to me is that it could have been a coincidence (it is not the most elaborate piece of music?), but more importantly that Hubbard borrowed the theme from Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian (youtube). I’ve decided not to add this to the plagiarism page. Seems like Anggune is most similar to Sakamoto & Sylvian after all. :)

via Coincidence, Homage or Theft? « CHIPFLIP.

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