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Reset Generation ReMix contest

This kinda sums up in a nutshell why I’ve never checked out OCremix. The prizes are pretty good, so it might be worth a look for those with access to some “modern sounds”.

OCR, 8 Bit Weapon & Nokia! The Reset Generation ReMix contest!

In Reset Generation, old school gamers choose from a cast of classically influenced characters like Plumber, Hedgehog, and Babe Gunner to rescue a princess while taking out all other would-be heroes.

The rules are simple. No MIDI format submissions, no chiptune-sounding submissions without some modern sounds & production techniques, no covers with little interpretation, no traditional remixes heavily sampling original audio, no mashups. If you’re new, read up on OC ReMix’s standards and compare recent ReMixes to their original game tracks to understand what we’re all about.

Beyond that though, you can arrange the source material for any genre, any style, any length, any number of source tunes, any number of artists, and any number of entries. In short, make a kickass Reset Generation OC ReMix! Reset Generation’s tracks are all in the 8-bit style of classic, old-school game music, so you have a lot of flexibility with your arrangement!

via 8 Bit Weapon & Nokia! Reset Generation ReMix contest!

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