I am the seed

a zx spectrum demo me and my friends created in 2005.

elfh – programming

miguel – music, graphics, design

moran – graphics

done with z80 assembly language and some tools for zx spectrum 8bit computer.

In this work we used noise on images of landscapes around our city and aether creatures, moving around it, to reflect blurriness and uncertainty of our thoughts and feelings about past and future. To say with a visual language, how it feels sometimes, that all your efforts lead to nowhere, but in the same time you understand that you have to move.

via I am the seed on Vimeo.

2 comments to I am the seed

  • Probably the most beautiful piece of work I’ve ever seen for the ZX.

  • Hexagram


    Beautiful. Melancholy. Maybe a little creepy. I love the aether creatures. The whole thing puts me in mind of those Lovecraftian sorts of stories where just beneath the surface of reality, there’s a seething chaos — only this time the chaos isn’t malicious, it’s just so very, very sad..

    I really loved this. I tend to hate most demos (gosh, twisting ropes? Amazing!) but this was fabulous. But if you watch this, do yourself a favor and see the big version.