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Duty Cycle Generator Update – Erik The Viking!

After teasing it in past updates, Neil Baldwin reveals the secret Terry Jones project that never saw the light of day, a adaptation of the film Erik The Viking (perhaps the last enjoyable Tim Robbins movie?)

Neil writes:

We were producing the game for the now-defunct Japanese publisher, Video Systems and had pretty much completed the whole game. However, geographical and language problems made the testing and bug-finding phase frustratingly difficult. We were almost solely reliant on the publisher finding bugs/issues simply because there was only 4 of us trying to deliver this fairly large and complicated game and as we didn’t speak Japanese and they didn’t speak much English, it made for an interesting process. Even I had to get involved in map building and putting together trigger/behaviour scripts for the game’s events as well as writing all the music. It was all good fun though and the last version of the game that we submitted to the publisher was in great shape and actually good fun to play!

Luckily for you lot, I still had the music binary files and, with a little manual hex editing, managed to fashion it into a NSF file so even if you can’t see the game, you can listen to the music. I am far too good to you all :)

via Duty Cycle Generator – NES Music by Neil Baldwin.

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