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Welcome to the New Site

Fresh from this months BOYS OF CHIP Tigerbeat Issue.

Fresh from this months BOYS OF CHIP Tigerbeat Issue.

Over the last few weeks of summer we will be tweaking TCTD to make it look its best going into the 2009 TCTD awards season. First of all a big thanks to Keff for the GFX and color checking, and everyone else whi gave feedback behind the scenes. Items of note:

  • You will notice a new NEWS section in the menu. This will allow you to view certain categories that some of you expressed interested in following alone. In the coming weeks these will be themed better, but right now you can few a separate RSS feed of these items.
  • We are working on tweaking a number of things with the new theme, so do not panic if a change is absolutely killing your experience. Hey there is always RSS :)

If anyone has experience with messing with page2cat or the wordpress loop give me a ring. Also, anyone want to pixelize the logos of the famous social networking sites in the right sidebar?

Post any feedback or suggestions here, and thanks for making TCTD such a personal success for me. Onward!

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