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Goto80 has an interesting essay on the differences the live 8bit warriros of the Blipfest and the monastic demo gurus of LCP

It seems that Blip and LCP shows two different schools of 8-bit computing. The Blip-way is to amplify artifacts and platform-specific features, often involving glitches. The LCP-way is also highly platform-specific since a hardcore demo only runs on a specific set-up ie Amiga500 but not Amiga600. It is technically platform-specific, but usually not aesthetically. A good demo does not have glitches and other artifacts of the platform. It seems important for a demoscene-author to show that s/he is in control.There are tendencies in the demoscene towards the embrace of the quirks of hard/software, somewhat similar to what Viznut calls post-technical. It is a good term from a demo-coder perspective – leaving code-skill-flexing behind for more expressive productions. But from a broader aesthetical perspective I think it makes more sense to call it techno-centric, because the inate character of technology is not supressed.

I would go even further, in saying that the blip festival kids are working towards a more innate sense of what is correct per their intuition, versus the demosceners constant strengthening and testing of common best practices.  My approach to gameboy music personally has more to do with the excellence of LSDJ, than with any affection for the gameboy sound as a whole.


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