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V/A: Blip Festival 2008 on 8Bitpeoples


I received a copy of this and its probably the best produced collection of chipmusic live tracks you’ll ever want to own. The quality of music, sounds, and packaging makes it well worth the $15, so grab it today!

You can preview this on Bandcamp and purchase it digitally with four free tracks. If you want a phsyical cd, you can hit it up via 8bitpeoples

Official Blip Festival 2008 live performance double-CD compilation. Produced by 2 Player Productions, and featuring one track from each of the festival’s 32 musical performers. Professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered; the phenomenon of live chipmusic has never before been so pristinely captured.

From the liner notes:


Disc 01:

  1. noteNdo: Spelling Numbers (Live)
  2. Graffiti Monsters: Letter B (Live)
  3. IAYD: Acute Monocular Beam (Live)
  4. zabutom: Endroll (Live)
  5. Tonylight: Happy End (Live)
  6. M-.-n: Mangash (Live)
  7. Sidabitball: Kids On Acid (Live)
  8. Unicorn Dream Attack: 4l0n3 (Live)
  9. Animal Style: 2 of 9 (Live)
  10. Low-Gain: Summer Fun (Live)
  11. Cheap Dinosaurs: Hot Plate (Live)
  12. Role Model: Pop5 (Live)
  13. glomag: 4shame (Live)
  14. Bit Shifter: Easy Prey (Live)
  15. minusbaby: Minha Caipirinha É Ótima (Very, Very) (Live)
  16. Meneo: Fica La Figa (Live)

Disc 02:

  1. Jellica: Man Two (Waves Of Fear) (Live)
  2. Mr. Spastic: FXLP (Live)
  3. Bubblyfish: Metaphysical Dreams (Live)
  4. Sulumi: Sweetly (Live)
  5. Cow’p: Stush Boy (Live)
  6. Nullsleep: Limit Break (Live)
  7. STu: Singing Robot / mYMelody (Live)
  8. Dubmood: Saturé Nights Part.1 (Live)
  9. Starscream: Andrew Jackson (Live)
  10. Lissajou: Blibdoolpoolp (Excerpt) (Live)
  11. Syphus: Pennies / Fuelship (Live)
  12. nordloef: The Ugliest Boy In The Class (Timebomb) (Live)
  13. Ikuma: Jealous (Live)
  14. Anamanaguchi: Dawn Metropolis (Live)
  15. USK: Boot Up (Live)
  16. Trash80: Missing You (Live)

“For a scene and a subculture not known to put a great emphasis on the physicality of an album or an EP, a scene which thrives and prides itself on the free exchange of digital music, this is the right record to make tangible. Milestones should be marked by monuments, and this is the second time 8bitpeoples have done so: with the 2xCD 8BP50 CD after the first Blip Festival, and now with this; 8BP100 — so you can see just how far it’s all come. Now take this artifact in your hands, press play on your system, inspect the pretty parcel it came in until you’ve unlocked its every secret, then turn up the volume, close your eyes, and picture yourself there.”
– Nathaniel Adams

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