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TCTD tweets from 2009-10-21

  • Hive mind: Thinking of moving tctd to another host, current price is right but doesn’t the site seem slow to you? Suggestions please. #
  • Listening to the retronauts game music podcast: Warning their discussion starts where tctd’s usually ends! #
  • GSW on: Robotron Pixel paintings: #
  • PAX East Ticks on sale, with chip concert info likely to follow: #
  • In other DS news, the Ds-10 Plus is coming to america: #

7 comments to TCTD tweets from 2009-10-21

  • The Site does not load in like 0.001 seconds over here but generally the speed is okay :)
    On a sidenote, what I dont like is the RSS Feed. The internal Firefox RSS Reader usually adds the favicon of the site to the articles you have read. But since the RSS Feed links to some google feedproxy site, it does not show any favicon here at all :(

    • Is that the only quibble about the rss feed? The google proxy is actually the feedburner service, which gives me some useful information, so the flavicon loss to me is a small price to pay.

  • I have never had speed issues with this website, and I don’t have the best internet at all. Hope that helps.

  • kami68k

    Yes its not really a problem, I mean, I can usually remember what I’ve read. ;)

  • it loads a weeee bit slower than most sites, its certainly noticable, but snot that annoying :)

  • Good conversation dudes, made some tweaks, can anyone who thinks its slow let me know if it seems better now?

  • Works great here in shit america of the south, so i think the host is OK