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Videovalvontaa - The End is HNGH

Album download to follow shortly, but its chip + other stuff dance insanity.

Nab it early, often.

Almost 2 years in the making this 7 song / 35 minute album is a journey from claustrophic nightmarish visions in the spirit of John Carpenter and other synthhorror to soothing sounds that you hear when the end is near. Some tracks are  suitable for dancefloors, some for situations where you are chased by 100 meth-addict zombies. Everything recorded from real hardware, and that list is huge, there’s couple of Roland grooveboxes and drummachines, some Korg’s, DMG with Nanoloop, DS with different softwares, some Casios, some Yamahas..the list goes on & on.

So, this weekend, play this fucker and have a nice Halloween!



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