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Chipflip: Monotrona: and viz vs. music convo

[ed: so im on vacation, but ill keep posting as much as possible. Maybe its time you take advantage of our submit posts feature if you have some news?]

Yes! C64 and weird people freaking out children on television! We’ve seen it before, but this is one is from 1998. The performer is Monotrona and the song is Cadillac Fantasy, from her album Hawkeye & Firebird. The C64-music is not made by her though, it is Hotrod and was made by Jeroen Tel in 1989.

Monotrona: SID, Freaks and Children

Playlist is an exhibition featuring many of the more famous 8-bit artists. It’s curated by Domenico Quaranta, who was also responsible for the recent Pixxelpoint exhibition where several low-tech old-media works were shown (mentioned here).

More here.

[PS: I appeared on an episode of chic-a-go-go in the late 90’s in a plush frog suit and where I challenged a 5 year-old to a dance contest.]

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