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TCTD Twitter Posts for 2010-01-18

  • Random reviews "Pamplemousse" – #
  • The real reason people hate Uk Chiptune: #
  • on chipflip: a pretty comprehensive recounting of the case against 8bc: #
  • RT @PalmSounds Shruti-1 demo video – Thanks to Stephen for pointing me at this video. #
  • RT @cdmblogs More details reveal why the #op-1 will be so cool – including what we *don't* know. #
  • RT @plgDavid Analyse.. don't Destroy (a Casio PV-1000) #
  • RT @animalstyle Cheap Dinosaurs youtube page has some vids of us @ 8static #
  • RT @nocarrier scrollNES is out: #

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