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Live Events • TCTD 2009 Awards

TCTD Awards 2009: Best Live Performer

Live performance is a bit of a dirty secret in electronic music, and perhaps more so in chip music where far too many artist are happy pantomiming and summoning, and few have the talent or charisma to pull off a genuinely charismatic live performance. This list is far too short, as there were a number of great performers active this year, and those left off were done by the barest of margins. Here are the nominees for Best Performers of 2009.

Graffitti Monsters

Sorry for the older video, but even in it’s current incarnation as a two-piece (soon to be three piece), GM are one of the most energetic and fun chip shows around.

tRasH cAn maN

Charisma, CHECK, great tunes CHECK, enigmatic and entertaining crowd seductery? CHECK.

The J Arthur Keens Band

Youthful musical genius overcomes the odds to become breakout performer at industry showcase. IT HAPPENED.


The world’s best just got better, forever.

Bud Melvin

Last year’s nominee keep it rocking with good times, rad tunes, and live music fade-outs.

7 comments to TCTD Awards 2009: Best Live Performer

  • kris

    oh man. this is going to be a tough one to pick for sure!

  • No CONDOM :(

    I vote for The J. Arthur Keens Band!

  • Starscream

    As much as I love the shit out of J. Arthur Keenes I knew I would love his set. Trash Can Man however, god damn. So awesome, he’s got my vote.

  • Random – so very close!

  • It would have been cool for this awards having a group of people all around the world who could comment on their faves.

    My personal top 5 for 2009
    1. Stevens – ultimately mindblowing, the kid is a true rockstar on stage, his sets are so fun and full of surprises even when I’m knackered I just have to dance!
    2. Starscream – I managed to see these a few times this year, and every time they somehow manage to top what they did before. I can feel the emotion in every note, clearly influenced by…(http://www

    3. Failotron – The post-rock genius’ music is so full of raw emotion, it’s not hard to be moved by it. Surprisingly funny and upbeat as well, Aron is as charasmatic as he is tall – and he’s facking tall! (
    4. Rainbowdragoneyes/Magic Hammer – None more metal. (
    5. gwEm/Counter Reset – Punk as fuck, gwEm and Counter Reset always manage to be really fucking entertaining, each and every time – their effort in putting on chipshows in London is always appreciated as well!

  • J. Aruther Keens blew me away at Blip! Almost made me wanna start listening to tracks on 8bc!

    Also, true story about Bud playing 8static: shows up about 2 hours late, drunk, with a half-smoked cigar. Proceeds to drink more and double-fist champagne bottles on stage during his set. Does a Boys 2 Men cover finale and crowd goes wild. The winner of this category is clear.