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Emulated MIDIbox SID AU and VST Appears!

In the last weeks I re-implemented the MIDIbox SID sound engines in C, so that it is possible to run MBSID on a STM32 core, but also to emulate it accurately on a Mac or PC.  The AU/VST gives you the possibility to try some MBSID patches before building the hardware. The sound isn’t so fat like on the original, the filter sounds weak and there are a lot of aliasing effects when higher frequencies are played… but probably you will like it anyhow.

Emulated MIDIbox SID AU and VST for Mac/Windows – MIDIbox Forum.

Thx trash80!

2 comments to Emulated MIDIbox SID AU and VST Appears!

  • CMDR

    CPU Overload in Ableton Live, somethings wrong with it xD

  • Smithy

    The ReSid emulation isnt the most efficient so nothings wrong with it really.
    This is more of a novelty for midibox users, so that people can hear MIDIbox SID patches before they have one built.

    Its not trying to compete to be the next Quadra SID or anything,
    its just a really cool feature.