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Chipmusic • TCTD 2009 Awards

TCTD Awards 2009: Best Track

In a year where all the gimmicks seemed to be tired (forced limitations, cover comps, time based show-offs) these nominees showed that at its heart, chip music ain’t a thing without good old-fashioned songwriting. There is no way to do justice to the dozens of deserving artists who have created great music this year, so when weighing nominations I tried to consider the artists’ use of chips and the quality of the production, but in the end it was simply a matter of “do you like the song?” These tracks are all superior accomplishments and I am proud to announce 2009’s Best Track Nominees:

The J. Arthur Keens BandCatfish Lagoon

Youthful wunderkin releases dozens of songs and this is the one that catches fire. Catchy and sing-a-longability along with great sound design make a song that is not only one you can rock in your bedroom, but share with your parents, friends and the fairer sex.

Bit ShifterEasy Prey

From the amazing 8bp100 Blip Fest CD package, the mix and the crowd only accentuate an amazing performance by one the masters of the US chip scene, Josh Davis.

Mr. SpasticFXLP

The soundtrack to running through a brick wall, hyper energy and a solo that takes you over the cliff.  Not to be played before bedtime, church, major surgery…

Dr. Von PnokBrain Swap

Processed chips with insanely large presence and mental beats. Harsh, club-worthy and ultimately danceable.

Chibi-Tech – A–nie Rabu Damon. (It’s A–nie Love.)

Perverse and accomplished, what more can you hope for from ths winner of this years Famicompo Originals. Fans of VRC6 and Jodeci, this is your jam.

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