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Chipmusic • TCTD 2009 Awards

TCTD Awards 2009: Best Artist

Our final award is somewhat nebulous and warrants a little explaining. It is someone who should be among the foremost names on your list when explaining chip music to outsiders, a person whose skills as a musician and composer are so inspiring that mere words cannot convey their importance to the scene.  The following nominations comprise artists from all the relevant categories. I am happy to present the (last!) award of 2009, Artist of the Year:

minusbaby – With a stripped down live approach,  quality EPs for 8bitpeoples and rocking pixel work, Minusbaby made numerous TCTD award shortlists. His music becomes more nuanced and engrossing with each release.

Bud Melvin – An amazing performer with an awesome release confirms my gut feeling that any year Bud is active, he is a nominee for this category.

4mat – One of the demoscene greats returns to the fold.  Even his WIPs and fragments outstrip many official releases.

Goto80 – Do you like breakfast?

Little-Scale – This insanely prolific inventor and composer was the overwhelming choice of the public in this year’s nominations. He is an innovative songwriter, a great live performer and he knows a thing or two about interfacing with his hardware.

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