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HardSID uno and Hardsid Play Appeared

Basically its like the old hardsid, but one chip only ( the play model lets you install two that will switch depending on whichever you want to use at once) and no VST support (disappointingly). Is it cool enough and cheap enough for you?

  • Ideal for SID Players, C64 Emulators, SID Trackers
  • USB connection (compatible with both 2.0 & 1.1)
  • No power supply required! Use it with a notebook just anywhere!
  • Supported by the HardSID 4U Winamp Plugin! (seeking, sub-tune handling, IR remote controlling)
  • Superior sound quality (..it is a HardSID!)
  • Support for one SID chip of any version (old: 6581, new: 8580/6582)
  • Updateable firmware over USB
  • Drivers for Windows XP/Vista/Win7
  • Cycle-accurate playback of your favorite SID tunes
  • Digitized sound + high-speed playback with low CPU utilization
  • Seamless playback of .sid tunes while you work on your PC

HardSID – Products.

1 comment to HardSID Uno and Hardsid Play Appeared

  • Really a pity these won’t work as a synth… they’re pretty useless this way to me…
    400 bucks for the studio edition is a bit expensive, especially compared to what a MSSIAH setup costs…