Love Songs From The Future

The Mayor of Beep City was on his last legs, as was his once-proud metropolis, now littered with invading ninja. All weapons had been used twice-over, all ammo depleted. The butts of guns and the hilts of worn blades the only remaining resistance. That is… until they opened the vault.

  • 01. Warm Green Something (Bit Rat)
  • 02. Battle For Bifrost (Daemon9623)
  • 03. Nicole Shippo (Alex Mauer)
  • 04. The Tale of A Pirate (Nario)
  • 05. Honey Hive (Moldilox)
  • 06. Infernal Shell (Temp Sound Solutions)
  • 07. Never To Return (Norrin Radd)
  • 08. Kludge (Captain Tortilla)
  • 09. Flight of The Peacock Lords (Prizmatic Spray)
  • 10. Air Raid The Ocean (Zio and TEH LOLZ)
  • 11. Sputnik (Wizwars)
  • 12. Jungle Jim’s Jellybean Jamboree (Djinnocide)

via Beep City

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